As a recent recipient of the Governor's Award for Smart Growth, Lowry is considered a model community for urban-infill projects across the country. Formerly an Air Force base, the neighborhood has been transformed into a model New Urbanist community comprised of diverse, traditional-style neighborhoods. Lowry’s dazzling array of residences includes single family, luxury customs, townhomes, patio homes, condominiums, apartments and a retirement community, making it the ideal homebase for any family. Surrounded by green spaces, running trails, broad boulevards and convenient parkways, Lowry’s pedestrians have full freedom to explore inviting public spaces. Lowry boasts nearly 800 acres of parks and recreational areas, 35% of which are devoted to native plants and grasses.

Perfect For: Families of all ages that love a good dose of outdoor recreation

Play Hooky: Common Ground Golf Course features skyline views, and several picturesque water features

Practice Makes Perfect: Lowry Sports Complex Park is the perfect arena for Sunday afternoon scrimmages with your family