The quiet, lovely, family-friendly neighborhood is proof that big things can come in small packages. Although Sunnyside is only two square miles, it is home to many unique attributes. From lively summer concerts and farmer’s markets to quaint local haunts, cafes and bars, Sunnyside has something to offer to all of its residents and visitors. Another great feature of the neighborhood are the remarkable gardens and mature tree-lined streets that surround the historic homes.

Perfect For: Families of all sizes that want to be a part of a vibrant community

Sunnyside Up: 44th Avenue plays host to a handful of tasty and diverse local brunch spots

Explore More: Sunnyside’s selection of small parks are perfect for picnicking and family playtime

Call A Babysitter: Grab a beer with your beau at one of Sunnyside’s eclectic breweries, Diebolt or Factotum