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A deeply-rooted connection to the local market brings a nuanced approach to every transaction while innovative marketing strategies reach audiences with an intuitive understanding of the consumer. As active members of their communities and with a global network of real estate professionals at their fingertips, they have a demonstrated track record of making connections and realizing client aspirations near and far from home. Deviree and Liz approach each transaction with the same tireless work ethic because they understand the responsibility and trust placed in them by their clients. By taking full ownership of their role, they advocate for their clients with unencumbered sincerity. Every step in the process presents an opportunity for informed guidance and innovation. 


There’s power in collaborating. Deviree and Liz bring a separate but complementary set of traits to the business that benefit the client. A core belief of The Elevated Living Group is that you become the average of the people you surround yourself with. In this way, they are highly committed to attracting top-tier talent so that every transaction is executed with the best compliment of skills and abilities. Their core values also include integrity, a shared hard work ethic, and honest and open communication. 


Deviree and Liz have made their mark as Denver’s premier agents, consistently ranking amongst Denver’s top producing brokers.  Because they are industry veterans with a combined 38+ years of experience in the field, and longtime Denver residents, their network provides a  wealth of resources. From attorneys and lenders to architects, designers, and home stagers, they have you covered.

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